Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Gleek-y Birthday

I think it is pretty obvious what this card was inspired by. I am a HUGE Glee fan and so is my friend, Blanca. She's kind of my clone in the sense that we have the same sense of humor and the same interests...fashion...books....food....trashy TV...you name it. I met her in college at a time when I really needed my own set of friends. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, and I found myself in that position where I realized all of my friends were actually his friends. So, she took me under her wing and showed me how much more fun college can be without a boyfriend. She's been my partner in crime ever since.

Blanca is only 9 months older than I am but was born the year before I was. So basically we are only the same age for 3 months out of the year. And, since I like to be a pain, I like to give her a hard time about that. And it never gets old. Well, she does. Not the joke. Ha ha ha. [I hope she's reading.]

Anyway, this card is for her birthday. I solicited the help of my friend, who is pretty awesome to allow me to use her and abuse her crafty awesomeness, so let's just give a shout out to Anita. She was my hand model as well as my Cricut extraordinaire.

Pretty simple. Anita used Sure Cuts A Lot on her Cricut to cut out the letters in the font I wanted. We took a picture of her hand and had it printed at the Walgreens photo center. I cut out the hand in the picture and used pop up dots on the letters and the picture. The black letters are Basic Grey's Micro Stickers (my fave). I didn't have them in black, so I used a Sharpie.

Here is the inside.

The inside has a quote from the show: "Wait, so old people can join Glee Club now?" - Finn Hudson
All the paper is Bazzill, of course. Love it.
It's no coincidence that I posted this today. Glee premieres tonight!! If you don't already watch it...well, you deserve a slushie. ;)


Seester said...

:O Duuuuuuude!

Lilian said...

Very witty use of the "L".... so apt!

Btw, I tried Trinidad's Curry Recipe... it's AWESOME!

Gav and I are hooked on Hell's Kitchen (for now). :D

wildfleur said...


Anonymous said...

Omg!!! Where do I comment on the new fab header??!!

:) \m/


pintobean said...

Seester, thanks. :)

Lilian, that curry recipe is AMAZING. Mr. B begs me to make it. I actually use a Trinidadian curry powder and it tastes EVEN BETTER. Yum.

Wildfleur, thanks. And thanks for the use of your fab Cricut. :P And feel free to comment on the new fab header - your words, of course - in this month's obsessions post. ;)