Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Obsessions

OK, so I know I've been promising a post for a while now.  I just can't find time to sit down and sift thru all the pics I wanted to share with you.  We've started up all the crafting for my friend's wedding in April and I'm fighting the clock for a Jan 31st tax deadline.  So technically I'm not supposed to be blogging right now at work but seeing as how I've already chewed off all of my nails, I figured I'd better start doing something else with my fingers before I start gnawing on other things....

This list will be short because I've really been avoiding the internet like the plague since I got back from my trips.  Turns out missing 4.5 weeks of work isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Probably not one of my most thought out decisions, but I can't say I regret it. :) Anyhow....

{Image via Amazon}
Martha Stewart's Scoring Board.  I've been boycotting this product ever since it came out because I thought it was pointless.  I've always said I made up this product long before Martha Stewart did.  I've used a Tonic Studios Guillotine for at least 6 years now - the same one, in fact.  It has little grooves in it at each half inch mark so while I was making my wedding stuff over 5 years ago, I started using it as a scoring board as well. Works like a champ.  Even though I am a self admitted hoarder of craft products, I don't like buying all sorts of crafty contraptions unless I really need it because I simply don't have the space.  So I've never seen a reason to buy a second product that just scores, but man, is it addicting.  I played with it last night and decided I forgive Martha for getting inside my head and stealing my million dollar idea. 
{Image via Amazon}

Tissue Paper.  I know this is not a new discovery or anything, but this has been a long time obsession of mine. And as of late this obsession has really kicked in.  It is so versatile and inexpensive.  I could look at tissue paper for hours.  In fact, recently, I have.  Love. 
{image via L'Occitane}
Almond Delicious Soap.  I've always been slightly obsessed with L'Occitane, but just recently picked up this Almond Delicious Soap to take with me to India so I didn't have to deal with a loofah and a bottle of liquid soap.  It's only 1.7 oz so very small and light weight.  It totally changed my perception of bar soaps. My skin was amazing after using this for 3 weeks.  Now I buy the trio.  Can't get enough.  It lasts a lot longer than I thought, too.  One bar probably lasts about a month.  

OK, that's all I've got.  I need to get back to work so I'm not here too late.  I am heading out for San Francisco and Napa tomorrow, so probably no posts until February.  Yes, I know.  I have a rough life....  I'll be sure to drink some wine for you. ;)  This trip will be the calm before the storm tho.  When I get back it will be hard core crafting until April.  Can't wait.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mile High {Craft} Club

I'm back!!! Happy New Year!!  I know I said I'd post some pics of my trip, but work got the best of me and then Mr. Bean and the fam went to visit Billy Bean (my BIL), my amazing friend Sarah, and some cousins for Christmas and New Years.  So I took some time off of reality and pretended I was a Pacific Northwest-er for a week and a half.  Now that I am back and sweating it out in this southern winter weather, I figured I'd return to blogland.  It will still take me a few days to sift thru the pics of my trip that I wanted to share, so in the meantime I wanted to show you how I became apart of the Mile High Craft Club.

Mr. Bean and I were kind of stuck on what to give the cousins we would see for Christmas.  What do you buy for the people that have everything?  One thing we do know is they love music.  Which helps, because we are big believers that a mixed tape is the best way to show someone you love them.  Isn't it though?  

We attend the contemporary service at our church, and man, does that band rock it out.  So we downloaded a bunch of our favorite church jams from Amazon and created a playlist to burn on CDs for everyone.  But, you know me.  I had to craft it up a bit.  So I typed up a playlist that was a play off Beats by Dre.  And since I like to live on the crafty edge, I waited until the morning of our flight and got up only 30 minutes earlier to make some CD covers, cut everything and threw it all in my carry-on to work on the plane. 
The hardest part was figuring out how to cut the paper to fold to fit a CD.  Well, it wasn't hard, it was just time consuming when I only gave myself 30 minutes.  

Above was my workstation compliments of Continental Airlines.  It was a little cramped but I got it done.  

And the final product. I am a hoarder of scraps and leftovers - it is always a huge time saver when you already have something to work with - so you may remember the tag from Sharmee's shower.  I just cut a circle and covered the writing that was already on it.  I stuck the playlist on the back and the white cardstock is leftover from my Christmas cards last year.  

Mr. Bean was pretty impressed with my craft skillz.  He kept saying "you are crazy" over and over again.  He was expecting me to just print out the playlist and put it in a plastic sleeve.  I told him he doesn't know me well enough yet. :)