Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Obsessions

Wow. September flew by faster than I expected. And it actually feels like fall here! This weather is making me giddy. Even Freddie loves it. She tends to get frisky with cooler weather. It's really cute. Lately she won't even come inside when we coax her with treats. I wish I could do that today instead of be at work. Only I probably wouldn't be coaxed with treats. It'd be more like, "You can stay outside...forever." And I don't think Mr. Bean would appreciate it if I came home and said I got fired because I wanted to go outside and play all day.

This month's obsessions are a bit random, but I think you'll like them.

Crop-a-dile Corner Chomper.
This, my friends, is the greatest corner rounder ever. I've had my eye on this for a long time, but my corner rounders from Hobby Lobby were working just fine, so I couldn't justify the expense. Until I started my cards for the Latina Art Show. My corner rounders wouldn't sharpen for the life of me, so I finally broke down and bought the Corner Chomper. And I have but one regret. That I didn't buy it sooner. I used to have to pull strength from The Almighty Himself to round corners to my cards. And I thought that was normal. The Corner Chomper rounds the corners so easily and quickly - and thru multiple layers of cardstock! - I really think this is my favorite tool in my craft room. Seriously.

{image via EK Success}

Embossing Pen by Inkadinkado. I'm a CA (craft addict) and the Embossing Pen was my idea. Seriously. They need to market this pen the way Microsoft has marketed Windows 7. This is one of those products that you envision on your head and one day you actually find that someone actually makes it. I love to emboss. It takes your cards to the next level. But I hate that you are limited to the stamps you own. This, dear craft lover, is the answer. Love it. Thanks, Sharmee, for showing me the way.

{image via Small Screen Scoop}

Project Runway Season 8.
This has been an ongoing obsession of mine, so technically it doesn't count, but life is never better than when Project Runway is airing. I absolutely love that they repeated the HP Challenge for designers to make their own fabric with this last episode. Textile design has always intrigued me, so it's so fun to see these designers create and then use the fabric they made on a design. Great marketing, too, because it really makes me want one of those HP TouchSmart systems. For when I become a famous textile designer, of course.

I am totally take by one designer this season. Mondo. I love his point of view. This last episode had me bawling so much, I had to stop the recording so I could clean myself up. Several times. If you haven't watched it, Lifetime has the full episode here and you can actually download Mondo's (and all the other designers') pattern here. I think I might use Mondo's for a card in the near future. I can't wait to see what Mondo will be producing the rest of the season. I don't see how he won't be at Fashion Week. I really think Mondo will win it all.

{image via Calico Corners}

Calico Corners. Um, so when did Calico Corners become cool? The last time I went inside a Calico Corners store, I think I was 8. And I don't remember blown away at the fabric choices. (Even as an 8 year old, I would have remembered fabulous fabric.) But, the other day, I was doing some online searches for some cool, affordable fabric and I stumbled upon Calico Corners. They have some really awesome fabrics to choose from that vary from traditional to ethnic to a more vintage feel. I am really impressed. And then, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Take a look at Iman's collection, sold exclusively at Calico Corners. I've seen other fabrics with comparable designs, but not for that price. I DIE. I need about 500 yards of every style. Please.

The Girl by City and Colour.
I don't really need to explain why I love this song so much. Dare I say that Dallas Green just may be the new Jack Johnson in my heart? I don't tell me....

That's all for this month! I haven't created anything lately because I have been playing around on PSE a lot. (Show some love for the new blog header!!) Man, I could play all day with that program and never get tired of it. Quite possibly the best purchase of 2010 in my book.

I actually took a
last minute trip up to Iowa to visit my sister again. She got an infection that almost landed her in the hospital so my mom and I flew up there as quick as we could to be with her. It was a shame we were there under those circumstances, but it was really nice to just be there with her with no real agenda except for her to work on getting better. I got lots of Colt time, too, which is always an exciting adventure. So, I'll leave you with this pic I snapped on my iPhone.

{This is Colt. Hanging out on the couch - even though he knows he
isn't supposed to - b
ut looking quite pleased with himself nonetheless.}

And this article on creativity crushers. It's a good read. Laters!


wildfleur said...

Calico Corners knows sexy!! Who would have thought it?! Crazy! All it took was the ageless Iman. If they had commercials, I could totally hear David Bowie singing in the background.

You know I love the new header and PR8. Way to go, girl!

Jan Jessup said...

Thanks for the shout-out about the Iman Home collection fabrics at Calico Corners! We think they're pretty wonderful too--some of the prints feature embroidered details on top of the printed surface, so those are quite unusual.

Thought you would like to know that from October 9-23, the Calico stores are having a "Buy more, save more" event: you can save 10% on purchases up to $250, 15% on purchases from $251 to $2,499 and 20% on purchases over $2,500. The latter is a lot to spend, but not hard to do if you're buying a sofa or a sectional. Happy decorating!

Kara said...

I NEED to start watching Project Runway more.

Thanks for sharing that song. I love it!

pintobean said...

Wildfleur, why does CC get all the credit? ;)

Jan, thanks! I'm all over that discount! Thanks for sharing!

Kara, Project Runway is what inspired me to learn to sew. I've been watching since season 3. I can't get enough!

Lilian said...

I wanna learn how to sew too!!! Cos' there will be tons of idea about crafts unleashing... like bags, dolls, heheh... I'm crazy about bags and toys.... I tried sewing when I was young but I spoilt the entire bobbin threader... GASP...

pintobean said...

Lilian, you should try your hand at sewing!! I am sure you'd be awesome at it. I am going to upgrade my machine soon so I can make some cute bags. Sewing can be frustrating, but if you know someone knowledgable they can usually walk you thru it. Not sure how Korea's stores are set up, but typically all the ladies at the cloth stores here know quite a bit and are very helpful.