Friday, September 10, 2010

September Obsessions.

I figured while I am trying to look busy at work, I'd fill you guys in on my latest obsessions.

{Image taken from the header of Elements of Style}

Elements of Style Blog.
This blog has so much eye candy, I can't stand it. I basically want to live in this blog. If that were possible. When it is possible, I'll let you know. I'm sure I could use the company, but mostly I'd be that kid that shows off all their toys and won't let you touch anything.

{Image via Green Your Decor}

Cloud9 Fabrics.
As much as I'd like to think I am livin' La Vida Verde, from the sewing perspective, it's kind of hard to make the full switch to eco-friendly fabrics. They just aren't that cute and there aren't that many options. Cloud9 Fabrics is changing all that. And me likey. Seeing this fabric is making want to consider making a quilt, but really it's just so I can buy it all and keep them all in my "collection."

{Image via Martha Stewart}

Vacation Memory Jars. Why didn't I think of this?? I always have the best of intentions when I travel to make a scrapbook, but I never follow thru. Then I think, 'Oh, I'll just make a shadow box' and then that falls thru. Everything I save basically stays in a photo box on a shelf in my closet and all the pics remain as little thumbnails on my hard drive. This idea is basically the answer to all of life's vacation memory questions - because I know you have them. My love of jars + my pack rat-tiness + my travels = a perfect solution for displaying all of my memorabilia. Love it. I'm planning a trip to IKEA to look for some cute jars STAT.

The Blessing Basket Project. I went to a blessingway ceremony recently for a friend and one of the hosts presented the mother-to-be with a basket from The Blessing Basket Project. I love baskets to begin with, but their baskets are really extraordinary. They are all made by artisans in Uganda, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Ghana. All of their images are protected, so check out their products here. And read more about the project in a more eloquent manner here.

That's all for this month! Like I said, August flew by way to quickly for me. I've got a lot to catch up on in my craft room, at home, and on TV. Yes, I have a rough life. ;)


Lilian said...

Thanks for sharing!

Come to Seoul STAT and we collect from souvenirs for the jars. Great idea... It would also mean that I will prob need to dust and clean those jars more often. Hehe.

I always wanted to get those jars from IKEA for my kitchen shelves - pastas!!!

Btw, just a secret - I dreamt of engaging Martha Stewart to organise my house next time. :D

pintobean said...

Lil- LOL! I think you've topped me on the dream....unless day dreaming counts! :)

I love IKEA jars; however, Mr. B doesn't. If it were up to me, our entire pantry would be in cars!!

Totally planning a trip to Seoul! Maybe 2011? I want to go before you guys get tired of it and don't want to travel, or before you guys have a baby and it's too small to travel! ;)

pintobean said...

I meant JARS! Our entire pantry would be in JARS. But, in cars would be an interesting concept, no? ;)