Friday, December 12, 2008

It. Is. Finished.

In seven days, God created the earth. In 21, we created a closet.

The closet is finished. Well, pretty much. It ain't no Mariah Carey, but it will do! I love it. All the late nights, blood, sweat, tears, fighting, purging, donating, trashing, was all worth it. OK, there was no blood and only a few tears. Hey, I get emotional when I am overwhelmed. :)

I have so much room now. Mr. B has slightly less. Well, less than me, but it's not too much less than he had before. Don't judge. It's all he needs. :) If you take out all the t-shirts he had hung, the ones with holes in it even, then you fold them and put them in drawers....then he has plenty of room for his clothes. The ones he wears and the ones he doesn't. And that's all that matters. That, and the fact that all my clothes are now in the closet. :)

I told my co-worker, Don, that I was done with my closet. He said, "So he's gonna let you stay?" Ha.

I have one major room in the house to organize and then I will be done with my house. I have a few more areas I need to re-do, too, but I am not counting those. Those can be done in a couple of hours vs. the madness of that last room. But, I am done for 2008. No more.

Now, it's Christmas decorations. I am so behind on that. It's not Christmas without the decorations. So, who cares if they are only up for 2 weeks?? I don't. I won't.

I will post pics of my closet tomorrow. We are off to College Station right now. Mr. B's cousins are graduating from Texas A&M (WHOOP!). Whoever heard of a Friday afternoon graduation?? Oh well. I have the day off and that is something I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT.