Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All caught up and nowhere to craft.

I finally sent off the cards yesterday for the art show that I blogged about last month. They should arrive by Thursday. Yay. I have been up late the last couple of nights trying to get them out in time, so it's a relief to have that checked off the list.

The idea was to have two cohesive cards that were also unique in their own way. So, I used the same paper, but a slightly different pattern. This second card was sort of a crocodile inspired look.

I am not quite sure I pulled it off, but I am fairly pleased with how it turned out. Especially when the two cards are sitting next to each other.

This is a shot of them as I was packing them up. The card I re-made has an orange butterfly and the crocodile inspired one has a yellow butterfly, both with Bazzil Basics cardstock. The kraft colored cardstock is Bazzill as well. The patterened paper is Hambly. Since the cards are so much like the one I already blogged about, I didn't take a ton of pics, so these are pretty much all I got. Enjoy!
And just for grins, I'll show you a pic of the girly burp cloths I made over the weekend. I've made these before, but I tend to err on the side of 'functional' when making/buying things for newborns so these are perfect. Since I don't know but one little girl, it was so much fun to break out into the pink fabric I've had in my fabric stash forever. I love pink fabrics, but I can't ever use them because everyone has boys!

This is my favorite go-to gift to make and give. I basically do something like this. I am a slow sewer, and even I can churn out 3 of these in under an hour from start to finish. Very simple to do. The fabrics I used are Amy Butler (of course!) and Heather Bailey.

That's all I got! I am pretty much caught up on everything I wanted to do! So now back to reality. I need to do a serious reorganization of my craft room but I am not sure how to just yet without just taking everything out and starting over. And I am not quite ready to do that right now. But we'll see. I am getting to where I have different things I am working on in the extra bedroom, the kitchen, the living room as well as my craft room. So, it's getting harder and harder to clean up all that mess. And find everything. So, I need to find a solution. A solution that doesn't involve buying a bigger house or kicking Mr. Bean out.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Lilian said...

Lovely! :) You got talent girl! :)