Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Obsessions

I cannot believe it is already June.  I didn't really obsess over too much this time around.  I haven't really been playing around on the internet lately.  I've mostly been catching up on TV and cleaning out the Bean house.  I try to do a good spring clean every year, but sometimes it turns into a summer clean.  This time around, I realized I've let my house go the last few months so I am spending some time reorganizing.  It is a slow process but I think it will be worth it in the long run.  Now, on to my latest obsessions.
{image via Container Store}
Shelf Dividers.  I am a closet neat freak.  I say 'closet' because I tend to jump from completely organized to insanely messy if I don't have enough time to put everything back exactly where it is supposed to go. So Container store is kind of my guilty pleasure shopping spot.  I could spend all of my life savings at Container Store.  Sometimes during lunch, my mom and I will just go and walk the aisles and dream of a perfectly organized Container Store home.  Since I'm doing some reorganizing, I've been hanging out at Container Store a lot more.  These shelf dividers make me smile.  I swear I invented these in my head years ago.  It drives me crazy when my towels and linens get thrown around in the closet.  The shelf dividers maintain my sanity.  It keeps all my towels from spilling over onto my teal towels and my tea towels separate from my napkins.  I couldn't be happier.  They come in tall as well for that very top shelf.

{image via Fat Quarter Shop}
Mod Century by Jenn Ski.  I've been reading Jenn Ski's blog for a several years now.  Love her mid century aesthetic and I am a huge fan of her artwork.  And her home.  It's Mad Men pimp.  She's now got a fabric line out thru Moda.  And it is pretty fantastic.  I'm going to need 5 yards of every one of those prints, please.

Next to Me, Emeli Sande.   I heard this the other day and couldn't stop singing it in my head.  Love it.  You'll have to click thru to You Tube to hear it, but it's worth the trouble.

That's all I have this month.  I hope everyone is staying cool. It seems like every time I make peace with the summer humidity, it gets hotter and more humid.  Bleh.  But, hopefully, Mr. Bean and I can take a break soon and head to the pacific northwest to cool off.  Hopefully that's very soon.  

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