Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pop Goes the World

Remember that song?  I'm sure some of you are going to say no because you were born the year it came out, but it was my jam back in the day. And I've been singing it for the last couple of weeks while working on this next project. 

You may remember Priti.  She created the amazing dessert table at the shower I co-hosted.  She's co-hosting a baby shower for her sister and she will be putting her mad skillz to work again to create another amazing menu.  She asked me for help with the invitations since she couldn't really find anything she liked, so I came up with a concept and crossed my fingers that it worked.  And luckily it did. 

The colors?  Mint green, light blue, and brown. The theme?  She's About to Pop!  Love this theme.  I'd filed a few ideas away for friends already so I had a few directions I knew I could go.  For this project, I stuck with bubbles because, well, bubbles are cute and they pop and they remind me of polka dots - which I kind of have a thing for. 

{image via Iman Sadhegi}
I love when bubbles look like they are glued together in multiples and look like they are attached to each other, so I used that as my inspiration. 

I designed the invite in my Silhouette to fit an A7 envelope and used the print and cut feature. Once they were printed, I cut 6 different sized circles.

I had to make 60 invitations, so I cut 360 circles in total.  Don't they look cute all stacked together like that?  Then, I invited my friend Mandy over for a night of hard labor crafts and we glued them together by layering them.

Essentially, each bubble contains information on the shower. And, while you can't exactly tell in the pictures, the invite is just the bubbles themselves.  The brown background is just cardstock so you don't see my ugly craft table. :) Cute, huh?

I couldn't resist using a pop up dot to make the word "POP" pop off the invitation.  Not sure how many people will catch that, but I thought it was a pretty darn cute idea myself. 

But, I didn't want the envelopes to feel lonely.  I love a hand addressed envelope, but I have to admit I am a sucker for labels.  When making invitations, I am always torn between hand addressing the envelopes or using some cute labels.  When there are a lot of invitations to send, I think labels are an awesome option so that one isn't stuck hand writing 60 invitations.   

So, I printed out labels in the same fonts I used on the invite.  Not pictured is the return address label on the back.  I made it green.  The labels were a splurge, but I imagined that when guests received their invites, they'd see the envelopes and know something really cute was inside.  :)  Because there is. 

I'm not going to lie.  These invites took me a long time to make.  Without Mandy's help, I would probably still be putting them together.  But once they were finished I was literally about to pop with pride.  Love them. 


Sarah said...

Love them!! Did you use the Silhouette for the circles or various punches? Combo?

Anita said...

LOL re: the song. I don't remember that song, and I can't blame it on the year I was born!

The invites look fantastic! Love em!! :)

shpatel2 said...

These have to be the cutest baby shower invites I've ever seen :)

poo kah loo said...

what a brilliant pop idea.

pintobean said...

sarah, thanks! i love them, too. i used the silhouette for the circles. it was cheaper and easier to do that vs. buying all the punches for the right size. and that way i could make the circles any size i wanted.

anita, thanks! but i am a little disappointed in are my only friend that could remember my beloved songs of the 80's. ;)

shpatel2, thanks, but don't get any ideas... ;)

poo kah loo, thanks! i am pretty proud of them myself. :)