Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Shower: The Food and Dessert

Although I can't take much credit for it, we had a pretty fab display of food and dessert.  For food, we chose catering and had a bhel puri, samosas, and khaman dhokla.  For drinks, we had sangria and lime sherbet punch.  Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pics of the food.  In fact I just got one pic. And no pics of the sherbet punch Priti, one of the hosts, made.  Or the sangria we made.  Yes, I already kicked myself in the butt for that.

I will, however, take credit for the food labels.  Although, you can't really see it, I used the same floral element from the invite on the food labels.

This was the khaman dhokla. Naturally, I had to apply ribbon everywhere.  Because ribbon makes everything prettier.....

For dessert?  Priti created a dessert bar that was amazing.  Everything was homemade except for the candy.  She started baking on Wednesday morning and actually packed it all up and drove for 4 hours on Friday.  That woman is a saint.  See for yourself.   

The only bad part of the table?   Priti now has several people that will be expecting this at their showers!!  I'm not going to judge, though....I'm one of them. :) I told her I'm going to have to get married again or have a baby because that spread was to die for. Or at least have a wedding and a baby for. :)

There was also a banner on the dessert table that Anita and I made that read "Love is Sweet" but I didn't get a snap of it.  More tears....  The aqua vases were also mine leftover from another shower I threw.  Anita and I made some tissue flowers to put in them and tried to fashion them like the floral design on the invite.  Not sure if many people got that, but that's what it was meant to look like.  One last post left!!! 


Anita said...

OMG. Your pics are waaay better than mine! I didn't get any close ups of the dessert table!
-Not not Anita

shpatel2 said...

As hungry as I was, before I noticed the food...I noticed the labels ;)