Friday, June 3, 2011

June Obsessions

Wow.  I can't believe it's June already.  Well, you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun.  And apparently I am having a blast.

It's Friday, it's hot, and I'm ready for a nap, so I won't bore you with too much talk today.  I'm just going to jump right into this....  Here are my obsessions for June!!

Color Combo:  Kelly Green and Navy.   This is my beautiful friend Sarah.  I've known her for going on 23 years now.  She is hands down one of my most favorite people in the world.  And not just because she's kind of awesome, but also because she has always had such a great sense of style.  In her home and with her clothes.  I'd kill for some of her accessories and I'd die for some of her purses.  After I got to wear them, of course.  She's definitely my go-to person anytime I have a design decision to make as well as when I feel like having a good hard laugh.  Anyway, I have been obsessed with kelly green and navy ever since she showed up to her nephew's birthday party wearing this awesome navy dress, a green cardi, and the peacock brooch I've been coveting forever.  How cute is she???  And how awesome do those colors look together??  Love.

{image via Ciao Bella Gelato}
Ciao Bella Key Lime Squares.  This is one of those life changing moments that one must splash all over the world wide web.  I happened upon these at Costco with my friend one day and I've never looked back.  Except to make sure I knew what aisle there were on so I could go back for more.  This is now one of my staples in life.  It's key lime flavored gelato nestled between graham crackers.  Yum.  It's like an ice cream sandwich all grown up.  Mr. Bean doesn't even like key lime, and we have to fight every night over how many the other has eaten.  Check their website for where you can buy these.  Then call me and tell me how they've changed your life.  OK.  They might not change your life like they did mine, but if you live in a world of chocolate like we do at the Bean home, this is a nice refreshing treat.  Perfect for summer.  And winter.  And fall. And spring.  I think Ciao Bella needs to change the saying to: "When life gives you key limes, make key lime gelato sandwiches." What, not as catchy?  I'll work on it.....

{image via Polyvore}

Stripes.  I'm going join the rest of the world and admit I am a tad bit obsessed with stripes lately.  Something about them screams summer.  And although I can't stand the summer, a dress like this might help beat the heat.  I can't really say much else except:  awesome

Well, I guess that's it.  It felt like a much longer list when I started typing.  Oh well.  Enjoy your weekend!  I should have another post up soon that will have you thinking pink. :)

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Sarah said...

Can't be prouder to be one of your June obsessions. I'll try not to get all puffed up like a peacock from all your kind words.