Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Club Gone Wild

I know I've mentioned this before, but I am in a book club.  It is a pretty rad book club with some pretty rad chicks.  We are close to celebrating our 6 year anniversary, so over the years we've laughed, we've cried, we've loved, we've lost, we've partied and along the way we've read some amazing books.  Good times.

Since my friend and fellow book clubber, Sharmee, is getting married, we decided we'd send her off with a bang with a book club bachelorette bash.  For our book this month, we read erotica and danced the night away to Madonna at a club that was having Madonna-rama night. Madonna wasn't there, of course, but we still rocked out with our books out.  Who says book clubs aren't cool??   We're bringin' reading back!

We all gifted Sharmee with a little something that night. Since I am working on about 6 different projects right now, I didn't have time to actually buy her anything, so here is what I made for her.

I drew out the shape of a bra, cut it out and cut up a doily to use as lace.  I added a bow and some bling (you can't really see it in this pic) to the front of the bra for the cuteness factor.  Then, I wanted the bra to look like it was hanging on a clothesline outside, so I added some twine and mini clothespins.  The blue cardstock looked too bare, so I added some swirls to give the effect of clouds.  It still looked too bare, so at my Seester's suggestion, I added some bling to the swirls.  Love it.  And I think Sharmee liked it.  :)

I only took the one pic of the card with my iPhone, so I will update this post with a close up pic/better pics when I get the chance.  I asked for the card back from Sharmee so I could take pics of it at home, but she kindly told me I could take pics of it at her house.  :)

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Anita said...

AWESOME! you got your close up after all!! If you click on the close up, you can see all the details when it zooms in. Don't you love it when the card just flows perfectly like that!?