Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Party Like a Princess

Recently, I had the opportunity to use my powers for good rather than evil.  My Seester's coworker, Brenda, asked me to make some invitations for her daughter's 1st birthday.  All I had to hear was "princess party" and I was all over it.

Since Brenda had a clear vision of what she wanted, the only thing I had to worry about was ruining this little girl's first birthday party with horribly constructed invites.  No pressure. 

This is what Brenda fell in love with.

{image via Paper Chick}
Obviously, Paper Chick is in a whole other league from me, but I told Brenda I would see what I could do. So I got to work and tried to figure out how to produce something that would end up being the same concept Brenda wanted minus the skills Paper Chick has. This is what I came up with.  

Naturally, I consulted my Precious my Silhouette.  Side note...The more I work with my Silhouette, the more I feel like I become invisible and am consumed by crafty thoughts.  Love that machine.  Anyway, the Silhouette offers a couple dress options, but nothing that would work as is, so I chose this shape and modified it slightly to fit what I envisioned.  I made sure that the invite would fit in a standard A7 envelope and that there would be enough room on the skirt to fit the text Brenda wanted.

I recently saw The Count of Monte Cristo and was a bit enamored with the invites he sent for the extravagant ball he threw for himself.  The font was basically consistent throughout the invite and I felt like it looked really regal that way.  So I kept the font consistent despite my inclination to use one or two more.  I think it made this particular invite look really girly. And what's more girly than a princess party?? 

For the details, I chose pink tulle and pink ribbon. You can't really tell the tulle is pink, but it has a sparkle to it that the white tulle didn't have so I basically had to use it.  I have a reputation to uphold after all.  And just because I think pink and pearls go together like tulle and ribbon, I added a pearl at the neckline. 

I couldn't get a good shot of the tulle - the light wasn't working with me this morning - so here it is from another angle. 

And just because I thought they looked so cute all together, I had to share a snap of them all packed up. 

With as much love as Brenda has poured into making her daughter's 1st birthday a true celebration, I can't help but be honored to have had a small part in it.  Thanks, Brenda


poo kah loo said...

Love the details. Pearls + Tulle. Ahhh.

Anita said...

Love the princess dresses and the tulle. So elegant and girly, girl! :)

shpatel2 said...

I wish I would have done princess wedding invitations....

Seester said...

You need an OttLite fo sho.

pintobean said...

poo kah loo, i am sort of in love with that little pearl. :") if you need any help for farhana, you know where to find me.... ;)

anita, these were so fun to make. i made a bow out of the tulle for my hair while i was making them. lol.

shpatel2, sorry, i max out at 500 invitations. ;)

seester, my bday is coming up.....

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Was wondering if you do this for orders...i was interested in some for my daughters 1st birthday

pintobean said...

Hi, Anonymous,

Depending on your time frame, we can work something out! Email me at emailpint0bean at gmail dot com.

Khallilah Gonsalves said...

Hey can you email me at about the invitations?? I tried emailing you and the email came back. Thxs!

Anonymous said...

May i have your email? i want to ask could you make any this invitation for my daughter 1st bday coming up next month! ?