Monday, December 27, 2010

Wrapping Up the Holidays

Just thought I'd pop in for a few minutes.  I'm actually avoiding my craft room right now.   I really don't know how it got so filthy in there so quickly.  But it will undoubtedly take me longer to clean it than it did for to me to get it in the state it is in now.

Anyway, I figured I'd post a few pics of some presents I wrapped for anyone interested.  I probably enjoy wrapping gifts more than shopping for them.  Which, if you know me, says a lot because I love shopping.  It is kind of rush for me to find a gift for someone that I know they will love.  I often fail at finding that perfect gift, but when I succeed and the person loves it....that's really the best gift for me.  I think people often feel guilty about receiving a gift when they have nothing to give back. But that always leaves me feeling bad that they feel bad when I wish they'd just enjoy their gift and let me enjoy them enjoying it, you know? 

I have a couple of friends that are the best at wrapping gifts.  Every gift is such a treat to receive.  It made me realize that pretty wrapping makes the gift that much more special.  This year, I decided I wasn't going to buy anything new.  I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and start using all of the stuff I am hording saving not using.  I tell Mr. Bean it is because I have too much stuff, but it's really because I want to make room for new stuff. I am a horrible person. I know. I feel too guilty adding to my already full drawers.  Plus, I've discovered it feels pretty good to actually see my stuff in use. This is a new concept to me, so bear with me. I have not gotten to the point that I will use everything, but to avoid appearing on an episode of Hoarders, I am taking baby steps.  Baby steps, Anita!!!

Above is how I decorated for all of the lovely ladies that bless my life. I stamped kraft colored wrapping paper with gold ink then decorated with tulle, bits of gold paper, and gold ribbon. I included doilies when I could.  Love doilies.

On the soft gift, I just used tissue to wrap the gift. I try to avoid using boxes when possible so that I am not using a box and tissue for every gift.  It not only keeps my box storage down - I will admit I hoard boxes - but it also keeps my gift wrapping stash to a minimum - which is also why I like to stamp kraft colored wrapping paper instead of storing tons of rolls of wrapping paper. I stamped the gift tags with the same stamps I used on the paper and used some gift tags I brought back from India - which is big for me because I don't know that I will ever get any more of those tags ever againPlease hold all applause until the end of this post.  Thank you.   

Here is how I wrapped the gifts for the men in my life.  I used tissue paper on the wrapping and some fabric scraps instead of ribbon.  I love that the edges frayed as I tied it around.  I had some old felt poinsettias that I added to the gift tags with brads. 

Alright.  Enough rambling.  Time to get to bed.  I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. I've been doing my best to stretch them out as long as possible. I even recorded a bunch of cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime at the last minute so I could watch them after the holidays. I know. I'm crazy.  The holidays are flying by way too quickly for me. But, I suppose it's as to be expected. This year flew by faster than any year I can remember.  Goodnight!!


Anita said...

Love it! As you know, I'm a (recovering) craft hoarder as well. We'll get through this!

Seester said...

Two questions:

1. What? No embossing? Pfft!

2. Um, where did you get that fabrice, and why didn't you get me some? Hmph.

pintobean said...

Anita, it's just so hard to let go.... ;)

Seester, I didn't think about embossing anything... And that fabric is from HL, but I do have leftovers...if you're nice.