Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May Obsessions.

I am going to make a potentially long post into a much shorter one for those of you that don't like to delve into the mind of an obsessive craft-pulsive woman. Work has been slow so I've had plenty of time to obsess over quite a few things. Just thought I'd share.

(photo courtesy of Curbly)

- Black and white chevron fabric. I've scoured the ends of the earth for this fabric - OK, well, I had about 30 minutes in Crawford Market and have tried every possible word combination on google search - and I cannot seem to find exactly what I am looking for. I settled for a yard of this print, but it is a bit to crisp looking for me. And too white. I am wanting more of a ikat style block print like this, but in black and an off-white, a little rough around the edges, and in quilting weight fabric, not upholstery weight. See my dilemma? It's more a vision in my head than anything I've actually seen, so, alas, the search will continue.

(photo courtesy of Anthropologie)

- Pillows. This is a long time obsession of mine, but the obsession has emerged anew for the umpteenth time. This how my previous obesssion began. I was wanting to finally make some pillows out of the fabric I brought back from India, oh, 4-5 years ago. I just know I could make some. In my head, I start making pillows for my home and then some famous buyer comes to my house (in my head I haven't worked how who, why or how) and she oohs and aahs over my exquisite pillows (only because I imagine a famous buyer uses the word 'exquisite' upon seeing my pillows) and then asks me to make some immediately for their store. And then I become famous and launch my own website which in turn becomes a store in Soho due to the high demand for exquisite pillows. And then me and Mr. Bean have to quit our jobs to travel all over the world looking for fabrics and inspiration. The only thing stopping me? That damn black and white chevron fabric. And, probably that I've never sewn a pillow. And that my sewing machine was brand new in 1982. But I digress.

(photo courtesy of Winter Works on Paper)

- Subway scrolls. I first started noticing them in different apartments featured on Apartment Therapy. Then I started becoming obsessed with owning one. If you don't know me or just met me, you probably wouldn't have guessed that my favorite colors are black, white and gray - especially if you've been to my home. I love color - especially reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows - but what's more awesome than the boldness of black and white? For a long time, my closet was a sea of black, white and gray. I have worked on expanding my closet color spectrum over the past few years, but I still find it hard to not automatically go to black, white and gray. Check out some subway scroll awesomeness.
- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. I cannot put these books down. I am not one to read murder/mystery/thriller type books, but I have become completely obsessed with these books. I highly recommend you go out and buy these books and then make sure no one depends on you do to anything for a week because you will not want to cook, eat, or sleep when you pick these up. Seriously.

That's all for now. I aimed to keep this post short but looks like I have a terrible aim.


wildfleur said...

LOL. if only I had read this post before I had gushed about your pillows! (The ones I took pix of!) Well, as of this moment i am not the famous designer asking for your advice on fabrics, but, YOU NEVER KNOW!

pintobean said...

OMG, is that why you go to NYC all the time??? ;)