Monday, April 26, 2010

What I've been up to lately....

Not too impressive, but I'm working on it. Gotta get the shakiness out. I'll be embarrassed later that I ever posted this, so just appreciate my vulnerability now before I take it down, please.

I've been in love with Betsy Dunlap for a long time now, so I've finally decided to put pen to paper and pretend I am a fabulous calligrapher like her. She has such an awesome style. I am so tempted to email her and ask if she'll teach me the ways of her awesomeness. I could be her apprentice and we could conquer the world one invitation at a time.

Traditional calligraphy (copperplate, italic, etc.) is beautiful on it's own, but I also love those calligraphers that sort of bend the rules and come up with their own style. Inspired by her work, a twist of my own handwriting, copperplate, and a "font" I made up in high school for notes to my friends (isn't that weird that we used to hand write notes to our friends back then vs. a text or email?), I've been playing around words and names and, well.....there you go. I am still working on my capital letters and a few lowercase I've got to work the kinks out to, but hopefully by Christmas, I'll have it all worked out and I'll have my own style to share with the rest of the world. Or at least the people that receive my Christmas cards.


wildfleur said...

I like it!! Looking fw to seeing your final font!!

pintobean said...

Thanks! Let's see how it turns out.... :)