Saturday, April 3, 2010


I hope everyone had an awesome Easter. I did. Easter is my favorite holiday next to Christmas. Growing up, we always got a new dress, new white patent leather shoes, and a new Easter bonnet. We'd take pictures out in the courtyard of my childhood home by the azalea bushes that were always in full bloom while holding our new purses. It makes me think that people don't dress up enough anymore. Now, girls show up to the Easter church service wearing jeans and flip flops.

Anyway, our weekend flew by a lot quicker than we'd like. Friday, I got to get some good cardmaking in. My friend and I were reunited once again to use our powers for good rather than evil and worked on a card for her brother's girlfriend. I thought it was too cute that her brother wanted his sister to make him a card to give to his girlfriend. And how sweet is it that his sister couldn't say no?

He wanted a card like the cupcake card we made last time, but we decided to do something a bit different for her.

All of the punches are Martha Stewart. The patterened paper was all from Hobby Lobby. (How gorgeous is that paper?) The solid paper is all Bazzill. I love the color combination. I love the butterflies. I love that it came out so graphic, yet it still looks feminine. I hope she loves it.

I put myself down for dessert for our Easter lunch at Mr. Bean's cousin's house. So, I found myself baking cupcakes at 1:00 in the morning Sunday morning. Not fun. But how can you be upset with a cupcake? Here's an iPhone pic of them. I just used what I had this time, but I think they came out pretty cute anyway.

Alright, I am heading to bed. We got some yard work in this past weekend. Didn't finish. Did some more tonight. I am so sore. I can't wait until the weekend.

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