Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sewing is sometimes the most humbling activity I've ever willingly tried. Next to skiing. I have been working on an apron for a friend for....well, forever. It is from a pattern my grandmother gave me that her mother gave her years ago.

I absolutely love the fabric, but my machine didn't. I basically had to hand feed the needle into the fabric about every other stitch. My right arm looks Popeye's now. I hope she loves it. I think I may cry if she ever uses it. Ha. Some pics.....
(Forgive the bad pics. #1, I don't have a cute area to display anything, and #2, I am still trying to learn my camera.)

The front.

The back.

Close up of the pocket. This probably best represents the actual fabric color. I chose to use a red thread because I thought it would look cute in contrast to the other colors (and to match the outline on the flowers) but I realized pretty quickly it shows all my mistakes.

In other news, I finally bought a rug for the front room!!! I have had my eye on a rug since February of last year. I know this because I checked the email my BIL sent me when I begged him to take pics of it since the only store in the state happened to be a few miles from him. I am pretty excited.

I need to post pics of our trip to San Fran. But, I think I will post those to our new website so I can email the link to family. Stay tuned. I am hoping to find some time to do that this weekend.

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