Monday, October 13, 2008

Couch Potato

We finally bought the couch we've been eyeing for about a year now. I am pretty excited, although I had a few hours, er, moments, of plain freaking out about whether I chose the right configuration. It's a sectional, and a large one at that, so there were about 849 ways to piece this couch together for our space. I am still a bit worried that it might be too much couch for our space, but, we've chosen to go by the "if you love it, buy it" point of view, and we love it. It will be delivered in 2 weeks, so that gives me hardly any time to clean that room out.

I finally moved all my stuff out of my dad's, so the entire front room looks like an episode of Clean Sweep on TLC. It's pretty ridiculous and embarrassing and overwhelming. So far I've managed to ignore it because I happened to move it all in the weekend before Hurricane Ike and have had lots of excuses not to get to it. Mr. Bean told me that we could order the couch as soon as I cleaned out that room, but I asked him to let me just order it to motivate me to clean out the room since I've been really good at ignoring the landfill that is overtaking my house. So far it has not worked, but I think I tend to work better under pressure. :) I don't know that I will ever be done with decorating my house, but I think that actually having furniture to decorate AROUND would be a good start. :D

The problem is I am a much better impulse shopper than I am a thought-out shopper. Like this sectional, for instance. We've been looking at it so long that I've managed to think up absolutely every scenario as to why it will or will not work. It's really exhausting. I am not typically an indecisive person, so this is a whole new world for me. I will not be back. :)

Everything has been sort of ho hum here lately. I'm working on a jacket for my friend's baby from this book (which I totally love, BTW). I am not totally pleased with it, but it's pretty cute. It is a very simple pattern that I've managed to turn into something quite complicated. My mom says I have a knack for taking the simple and turning it into the hardest thing in the world. This time, I'd have to agree. I have enjoyed sewing so far but this is by far the most frustrating project I've worked on. I am pretty sure it has everything to do with the fact that I am a beginner and I am making adjustments that require more experience and nothing to do with the pattern itself. But, hey, I've always loved a challenge. Just not this one. Ha.

I spent some time tonight downloading some music. I love to listen to music at work to sort of drown out the typical noises in the office. My office is a bit unique since my mother, father and brother are all each in rooms about 10 feet from my office, so you can imagine what noises I like to drown out. :) I am officially obsessed with M.I.A.. I am looking forward to going to work tomorrow to listen to my new downloads. I am working on some different stuff right now, so it's nice to change the ol' routine up a bit.

Off to bed. I desperately need to get this sleep thing on a schedule.

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