Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Obsessions and GSD

Happy Halloween!!  I'm going to get a last minute post here for October.  We look a little miserable here, but trust me, we were greatly rewarded for our efforts with lots and lots of treats.  

So, I think I spoke too soon last month.  I am technically back in Blogland, but I am trying to research anything and everything I will need and need to know for Baby Bean.  This has consisted of lots of internet searches as well as lots of emails asking my friends where the heck to start.  My friends are professionals now so they have given me so much awesome information.  Yay to having awesome friends.  However, any sort of crafting has come to a halt at the moment.  But, I am just enjoying the last few weeks of it just being me, Mr. Bean, and the Fred.

My obsessions this month will be short.  Mostly because I have to finish up some stuff so I can leave early and buy some candy for the handful of trick or treaters we'll be getting, but also because I will have a November post up shortly.

{image via Cicada Daydream}
GeoCentric by Michelle Engel Bencsko.  I am pretty obsessed with this fabric line.  I can't really say much else.  Except that I'd like to marry it.  That is all.  I love all of the patterns, all of the colors.  I even love the name.  Check out Cloud9 Fabrics if you want to purchase this for me.  Check out Michelle's blog here.

That's it. Told you it was short!  This month is GSD month at the Bean household.  Getting Stuff Done.  My FIL has come over to help us hang lights that I bought months before we were pregnant.  Replace light plates and outlets that have been begging to be updated since 1982.  I'm exaggerating here.  Our house was built in 2001, but the builders used the cheapest, ugliest possible materials they could to put this house together.  We are seeing the floor in the guestroom now as I'm finally getting my books down to the minimal only-keep-the-ones-I-love stash.  Getting rid of books is hard for me to do because I am, at heart, a lover of books.  I love my Kindle, but man, I love to hold a book.

I haven't started purging the craft room, but that will come in time.  Right now, I just need to finish up filling a few more boxes of donations.  For a while there, you couldn't tell if we were moving in or moving out, but I think we are getting to the point that you can tell we are going to stay for a bit.  And that is a good feeling.

We got the baby's room painted. The closet is ripped out and repainted, waiting for the elfa shelving sale at Container Store.  The crib is in the room and will be built this weekend.  Her new ceiling fan is hung.  Please see the above comment about the ugliest, cheapest materials used on the house.  I know I'm somewhat behind in the nursery department, but I'm feeling pretty good about where I'm at in the GSD department, so that's all that matters to me.  

This weekend I will be attending Quilt Market.  I am going to try to remain focused and only by what it necessary.  And by 'necessary' I mean only what I need.  And by 'only what I need' I mean only what I can carry in one bag and not pass out from holding it for 5 hours.  Wish me luck.  

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Anita said...

LOL. If you have already bought the stroller, bring it to the QF, I have a feeling we'll be needing it to tote all the goodies we (you)find! (not kidding here!) :)