Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back that card up

I'm kind of in love with this invitation, even though I didn't have too much to do with it. Julie and I had a clear vision of what we wanted for her mehndi invitations. She wanted a separate invite from her wedding invitation suite since it would only be going out to a few people.  But when I went to India, I asked three different invitation vendors to design them for us, but they all said it wasn't cost effective to "just make 100 invitations."  So I had to admit defeat.  Enter Sara from Carry the News. With just one internet search and a few clicks of the mouse, I found exactly what we were looking for. And you know what?  It looked even better than what we imagined.  Love when that happens.  

{designed by Carry the News}
Here is the invitation.  Me love you long time. 

I hoard coupons to Staples like I hoard ribbon.  So, keep an eye out on their website because they offer 20% off your entire print order fairly often.  And I've always found the customer service to be way better than Kinko's.  

I searched high and low for the right color yellow cardstock to print these bad boys on.  Julie was pretty specific about the color she wanted, so I was excited when I found it.  But, apparently not all cover weight paper is created equal.  When I got the cardstock in, it was way to flimsy for an invitation.  So, with Julie's permission, we backed them with red cardstock. I would show you a picture of that, but honestly, it looks like a red rectangle.  Kind of anti-climactic since I find the title of my post to be rather clever, so my apologies. 

I am on a mission to round every corner that enters my craft room, so we rounded all the corners.

And since my motto has always been "more is more," I contacted Sara again and asked her to make some custom labels for us.  Just keepin' it classy, folks.  And, of course, she sent us back some more fabulousness.

So we printed them, ran them thru the second greatest invention ever made, and had the most awesome custom labels ever for our envelopes. 

Aren't they gorgeous???  Cutest mehndi invitations ever.  I think I'll marry them. 

And it wouldn't be a true pintobean blog post without the gratuitous shot of the stack of finished envelopes. Sigh.  And best of all?  Julie loves them. 

Sara was awesome to work with, so if you ever get a chance, or need something amazing for your event, please contact her.  I am already thinking of what event I can have to use her other designs.

That's all I got for now.  Lately, I've been trying to figure out how to stop time Bewitched style but haven't had much luck.  But, I have tons to update you on.  Just been way to busy to stop and blog about the roses.  Oh, and I missed my February obsessions this month, so I'll make sure March is up soon! 


Anita said...

The invites turned out sooo nice! Ya'll are batting a 1,000!!

LOVE Sara's invites @ Carry The News. I hope to be a talented graphic designer someday just like her. And her samples are so cute using celebrities' names!

Sarah said...

Totes loved my invite, too! The mehndi, shower invite and wedding invite arriving almost at once made my mailbox the happiest in town!

Sara said...

Thanks Selina! So lovely and so inspiring working with you! You did a fantastic job with the invites and the labels.

pintobean said...

Thanks, Anita!! Sara is totally my idol now. :)

Sarah, that's the only thing I miss is actually getting these in my mailbox. :D

Sara, you are my idol. ;) Thanks for all your hardwork!!