Monday, January 3, 2011

Cupcakes Need Banners, Too

Happy New Year!!!  I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!  While I am sad the holidays flew by so quickly, I am glad they are over.  I think this holiday season I slept less than when I was in college cramming for finals.

Since Mr. Bean's birthday is on New Year's day, I tend to slack off in the party throwing department.  He likes to just sleep in and veg out and I don't argue. Usually we are out late with family the night before, so when the clock strikes midnight we all wish each other well for the new year and then we always sing Happy Birthday for Mr. Bean.  I usually have a cake - if the host doesn't already have one for him - but this year I bought his favorite cupcakes for the party.  Since I was already slacking off in the party department and the gift department - he wanted to go skiing for his birthday, so his present is our airfare - not to mention slacking in the baking department, I decided to dress up the cupcakes a bit more and make him a banner for his cupcakes.  Because banners make everything cuter. 

I cut scraps of paper and sewed them together exactly like this card.  But for some reason my sewing machine didn't like these pennants as much, so it didn't come out as well. Last time I didn't have any problems and I am not sure why I did this time.  But I am pretty sure it has something to do with the machine and not the highly skilled operator.   

Anyway, I attached the ends to some lollipop sticks with glue dots and knotted them in place.  I used Basic Grey's Micro Mono Stickers to spell out 'Happy Birthday'.  The Basic Grey stickers are an awesome size for cards and projects like this one.  My only complaint is that they only provide two capital Y's.  So one 'Happy Birthday' and you are done with the sheet.   

Here are the cupcakes in action.  Oh, and yes, when I ordered the cupcakes, I kept in mind the paper I wanted to use for the banner so it would coordinate.  Because that's how I craft.  

I think it's safe to say Mr. Bean and I started the year off with a bang.  We went to an uncle's house for a family party.  Don't let the words "family party" fool you, though. Mr. Bean's family knows how to party.  We didn't get home until almost 6:00 in the morning.  I didn't get into bed until after 7:00 since Freddie needed some TLC with the backyard.  Luckily, Billy Bean was there to keep me company every step of the way or else I probably would have fallen asleep on the floor by the back door waiting on Freddie.  I didn't even dance that much, but I woke up at 3:00 in the afternoon feeling every bit my age.  Good times.

I have some good stuff planned for 2011!  I hope you guys do too!  Please leave a comment or email me and share it with me!  I'd love to post of pics of it all here so that this is less an all-about-me spot and more about crafting a cuter world.

Huge thanks to Prithwi for taking these pictures of the cupcakes for me.  Sometimes an iPhone just doesn't cut it.


Anita said...

The banner looks sooo cute! And the little 32's on the cupcakes, was that paper or sugar? Looks good enough to eat.

My plans for the ny of crafting include learning all I can from Pugly Pixel. (Thanks to your blog for the introduction, btw) :) Not exactly crafty, but I think it'll use some of the same skills I'd like to hone like design, layouts, and color.

For my old school crafting hopes, they include making more things with less waste! Here's to a great 2011!!

pintobean said...

anita- the 32s were fondant. i can't take credit for making them, but i will take credit for choosing them. ;) pugly pixel is a little gem i came across in my endless search for free stuff. she's pretty awesome. here's to a craftacular 2011!!