Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crafting in Circles

Anita's birthday card was 100% inspired by Tara Donovan.  I came across Tara Donovan's work a couple of weeks ago while I was clicking thru images in Google.  Google images to me is like YouTube to a 10 year old boy.  I can spend all day looking at images. 

When our friend, Sharmee, and I started brainstorming for ideas for her card, we knew it definitely had to have some sort of wow factor.  I was looking for some inspiration on creating something that was sort of organic looking, like coral.  When I found images from the gallery who represents Tara in New York, I basically was in awe.  Her installations seriously take my breath away.  She is known for taking everyday materials and transforming them into these beautiful sculptures.  Using everyday materials and using items I already own was a goal of mine for this card, so discovering Tara Donovan was crafty fate.  Take a few minutes to check out her work.  Can you guess which one inspired Anita's card?

To make this card, I basically used a circle punch to create a billion little circles out of coffee filters.  My intention was to color the filters with watercolor pencils (Anita let me borrow hers a while ago and I've been dying to use them on something), but I liked the way they looked in their natural color.  I then took 8 circles at a time and folded them in half.    

These were hand stitched to keep them all in place and make sure they stayed folded, which is what you are seeing above.  Apparently the trick here is to keep them away from your dog.  After about 5 hours of work one night, Freddie ate all the pieces I made that night. Yeah. I won't lie. I cried.

I then used glue dots (sorry, Anita, I know you hate them, but they are so handy!!) to glue three of the pieces together and then glue them down as one unit.  I tried to be green and sew them down, but they weren't sitting as well as I wanted, so I reverted to gluing them down in a random pattern. But some of them are sewn in.

I originally glued the circles down on kraft colored cardstock, but I decided I wanted some color to the card, so I cut the entire piece out and mounted that on textured teal colored cardstock.  Most likely Bazzill. 

Here is the final result.  I am obsessed.  Is it bad to be obsessed with something you make?  If it is, then I guess I am a horrible person.  Horrible. It was like having a little piece of Tara right in my craft room.

Here is a closeup of the pieces.  Each circle measures approximately 1/2 inch.  And, here is where you can kind of see Freddie's next addition to the card making process.  After I was done, she decided to lick the card down the middle.  A little extra love thrown in just for you, Anita.  Luckily, it dried really well.

And one more pic of a really close closeup.  Just for grins. 

I know Anita will love the card as much as I do.  And I know she will take better care of it than Freddie I will. 

Happy Birthday, Anita!!!  I hope you have an amazing day!!


wildfleur said...

Duuuuude! I think I have seen TD's work before, but I don't know how y'all came up w/ coffee filters! and I DO love it!!! Thanks again!!! :-)

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pintobean said...

Thanks, Ladies!! :")

Wildfleur, I believe one of TD's was done with coffee filters. Also, we were working on something (?) and you gave me the idea to dye coffee filters with watercolor pencils. The original idea was to dye the coffee filters a teal color, but I kind of liked them in white. :)