Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

No more love posts, I promise. I realize I haven't posted anything of significance lately. To be completely honest, I am waiting for my dear husband to take the photos off our camera and onto his laptop so that I can then access them. Why he thought it was a good idea to set it up on his laptop, I will never know. He works way too much to worry about my pictures. I will just wait patiently until he has the time to do this.

I've got a card to post that I think you will like. I have to give it away tomorrow, so I will be sure to take pics tonight so I can share.

Until then, Happy Valentine's Day! I actually love Valentine's. It was my favorite school day of the year when I was little. It was always a big deal for me and my sister to get the perfect cards and pass them out to everyone. You had to make sure you didn't give one that said "I like you" or anything that would suggest that you liked or cared about the weird kid or to the cute boy. Something about all the pinks, reds, and purples, the chocolate, the flowers, the cards. What's not to love??

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