Saturday, April 4, 2009

A $5.00 Desktop

Mr. Bean and I had a birthday party to go to this afternoon. One of Mr. Bean's coworkers' son turned one. As part of Asian tradition, they asked us to bring an item representing our profession or talent. The baby is set in front of all the items and whichever item he grabs first dictates what he will eventually grow up to be. I remembered this detail of the party, but Mr. Bean forgot. So, at the last minute we decided to build this. Behold, a $5.00 laptop. Never underestimate the power of a pack rat. I had all the supplies we used in my scrap storage. Including the box.

The blue screen read:

A fatal error of type null pointer has occured at 000123xc1183:ADC in VxD DiskTSD(03). The current application will be terminated.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to continue. But, it will do nothing.

You must buy a MAC to no longer see this section.

The only complaint we got was that there was no USB port. Maybe next year.

The result? Little Oliver technically touched Mr. B's laptop first, but we were blocked by Oliver's father who threw a golf ball down at the last second. So, naturally Ollie was distracted. But, I think we have a future developer in our hands....

Here's the card I made for the baby. I love the idea of the Envelopments line. So, I made this twist on a traditional red envelope.

I tend to spend hours trying to design something really intricate, then end up with something simple like this. The backside had a note for the baby and then a pocket for our gift.

Enough showing off. Mr. Bean is off playing golf. Miss Fred and I are catching up on some z's, laundry, and cleaning while preparing dinner. Guess who is the one catching up on her z's??


Elton said...

A $5 computer?! THAT'S the million dollar idea! :)

Marcy made me a computer cake once when I was little - it was pretty delicious.

pintobean said...

Ha! It is a million dollar idea, isn't it?? LOL!