Sunday, March 1, 2009


Not much to report here lately. I came down with some sort of food poisoning Friday and just had my first meal since Thursday night. I was not amused. And neither was Freddie. She and I battled it out on the couch all day Friday and Saturday. I think it's down to a split decision on exactly who the winner was. She fights pretty dirty. Aside from the kicks in the head I received, she was also just pretty sly about flat out telling me "you snooze you lose" everytime I got up from the couch. Inevitably when I returned, she would either have stretched out to the entire length of the couch or she would be on my side of the couch on top of my pillow. I'd like to declare myself the winner since I fought a clean fight. Minus the couple of times I set my alarm off on my phone so that she would think someone was ringing the door bell and get up to check things out. But I only used that as a last resort. Promise.

Anyway, back to the swing of things. I have recently been obsessed with these:

1. Kal Barteski's Custom YOU-ARE-AWESOME posters. I read her blog daily and am pretty obsessed with/jealous of her artwork. I own two of her prints and can't wait to frame them and put them up in my craft room/guest room. Her work is inspirational and empowering. I have the same theory she shares on her blog - that there is just something special about seeing your name in print. Especially when you have a name like mine that isn't exactly going to be printed all over every souvenir shop item in the world. In her words:

I have this theory that seeing your name in print - makes you feel special. Seeing your name in print - gives you an inner confidence to take up space in the world. Seeing your name in print - whether you can read or not - is a powerful way to convey an important message. You are awesome. Or You are Beautiful. Or You are loved + adored. Or you are Hardcore. Or you are Long awaited. Or YOU are kick-ass. You. ARE.

I bought some for my nephews and can't wait to get them and frame them. I stole Penn's (K. Barteski's daughter) line and put on all of them "YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS." I was going to give them as part of their birthday presents but I don't think I can wait that long so they just might be apart of their Easter baskets. I hope they will one day appreciate what it says.

2. Amy Butler's Lucky Flowers Stationary. In the words of the great Rachel Zoe, I DIE!

3. The Butterfly Project by LollyChops. Need I say more? Must. Buy. Punches. Now. How awesome would that be to make/give? As well as just being flat out eco-friendly. Recycle, Reuse!! Don't be surprised to see some of these in my home and in a gift box with your name on it. I've already got some pages torn out of catalogs that I've saved over the years simply because I loved the colors in it as well as a plethora of shadow boxes in my storage unit, er, third bedroom. (See, Mom! There is a method to my madness!!)

4. This Vogue pattern.

I walked into Hancock Fabrics and fell in love. I knew it was meant to be because the pattern was on sale for $3.89 AND I found some BEAUTIFUL fabric that happened to be 30% off (that never happens to me) AND all notions - zippers, thread, etc. - were 50% off that day. So, I basically got a new dress for $30.00. Talk about meant to be!! I know it's all wrong for my body type, but I will make it work, dammit. Love. Love. Love it. I've got all the pieces cut. Just got to start sewing. :)

5. Sara Bareilles - (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay [Acoustic] - Live at the Fillmore DVD. I stole this obsession from another blogger I love. She said it reminds her of her dad. I got all teary-eyed when I read that because it reminds me of my dad, too. I always have flashbacks of my sister and I as toddlers with my dad - he'd pile us into his truck and we'd start driving. He always had the oldies or classic country music playing on the radio. Except back then it wasn't "classic". Ha. That was also back when seatbelts and carseats were an option. But I always remember looking up at my dad with my sister next to me. Just driving. So this song reminds me of my dad. Driving.

My dad's always been a driver. Always behind the wheel. For some reason, my sister's college always started a week earlier than mine and her finals ended a week after mine so for the first few semesters my dad and I would drive up there and back to help her move in/out. We'd jam out to the oldies and sing together with the windows rolled down in his truck . Elvis was always a fave and since Elvis' death was in August, the oldies station almost always had some sort of tribute going on when we were moving my sister in. I'd eventually get tired of singing but he'd still keep on. Just a little more softly. Not that my dad has an American Idol voice, but there is something so comforting about hearing him sing. I guess because, if you know my dad, it's out of character for him. But, I guess that's why I love to hear him sing. Because when I do hear him sing, it feels like it's just for me.

6. And, lastly, this version of Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time. My closest friends know how much I despise the late Britney (I am not completely won over by her so-called comeback), but over Christmas, a family friend sung this acoustic version of her song for us during a wild and crazy night of SingStar for the PS3. It was too cool. I almost like his version better than Travis', but probably because the person that sang it is just pretty darn cool.

Alright. Heading out. Got lots of things to catch up around here. It's amazing how much stuff builds up around here when you don't do anything for 3 days. Ugh.

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