Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry for the short hiatus. We have been steadily working on our house, namely the closet. I finally convinced Mr. Bean that even after giving away practically a truckload of clothes, that my clothes will not fit in that closet. Whoever designed that closet needs to be burned at the stake in front of Containter Store. So, hello, elfa!! We wanted the IKEA closet system, but that would not work in our space. I looked at Lowe's, but they have a few more years to get caught up with the options that Container Store offers. So, we used our Holiday Shopping card and went all out. It is exciting. I really should get better about taking pictures, but I will blame that on not having a good camera (the one I bought Mr. B several years ago is pretty much trash).

Anyway, we have removed all our clothes and ironically enough, the brand new couch is now a clothes hanger. :) We ripped out the old closet, patched, and painted. We are taking today off, but will start installing the elfa closet system tomorrow!!! It feels soooo good to get organized! I still have one major room to tackle that has a bunch of my stuff that I moved in. But, I will focus on what I have accomplished vs. what I have left to finish. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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